Intelligent Accounts Receivable 
​for shrewd companies.

​Flip uncollected A/R from write-off to revenue.

Get more revenue.

  • Increase Finance Department's ROI
  • Artificial Intelligent algorithms identifies who can pay and the best payment option for your past-due accounts.
  • We increase your payment rates leading to more revenue and fewer write-offs.  
  • The guesswork is removed avoiding delays with our proactive, intelligent approach.

Where does siyea fit into your ecosystem?

Give your team an intelligent tool to improve overall performance.

Where does siyea fit into your ecosystem

One day to implement and launch using our API.
White label software

White label software.

All the branding your client will see is fully yours, not siyea. During the initial one-time setup, your color story and logos are imported. We’ll stay in the background as your SaaS A.R. tool. You get to be the hero providing flexible payment solutions for your customers.

All devices and all operating systems supported by siyea.

Client communications are concise and compassionate.

The customer experience is critical especially in cases of chasing payments.



Our soft, friendly approach treats customers respectfully and compassionately.


We build and foster loyalty, not burn bridges. Giving customers options to resolve their bill shows that you care.


Analytics on effective messaging is applied to identify the best content for maximum results.

Automation boosts efficiency.

Automation boosts efficiency.
Eliminate manual, expensive processes such as phone calls and mailing paper statements. No need to spend time on sending emails or texts, either. Our system is equipped with automatic, electronic messaging to align with each customers' status and financial options. Just click one button during setup to engage the messaging campaigns

Incredible client support.

Support is one click away with our chat option or send us an email.  We also have 24/7 phone support if you want to speak with siyea live support.

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Free to get started! Request a demo to learn how to get paid.

  • Our customers have 40% + in resolving entire balance of past-due accounts paid within first 2 weeks of launch.
  • Many more accounts setup on payment plans creating cash flow visibility and boosting revenue on unresponsive accounts.
  • Don't send your A.R. to a collecting agencies.  Be shrewd and let siyea do the work for you.

About us.

Our goal is to help everyone - companies and their customers.

It's challenging enough to find new customers and keep them happy.  The hard part is supposed to be over once the customer is in the door and has received service.  Often, that's the beginning.  The process of getting paid is expensive, tiresome, and unpleasant for everyone.  At siyea, we handle the entire process for you.  We make accounts receivable smooth, easy, and tailored to the individual.

Your customers will love us, too.  They have a  self-serve  tool, available 24/7, and accessible when it's convenient for them.  By skipping phone calls, there is no waiting on hold, no office hours, and no talking to anyone.  
We've discovered removing people from an emotionally sensitive situation provides better customer experiences.   Within 5 minutes or less, they can review the new financial option and resolve the delinquent bills.